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Hair Transplant Methods

Hair Transplant Methods


Sapphire hair transplantation is a new transplant technique that
opens the incisions, called canals, in which hair follicles are
introduced into hair transplantation. Thanks to the sapphire hair
transplant, the bleeding is less, the healing is faster and gives
more natural results.


With this technique the grafts will be implant directly under the skin.
This technique features:
• No channels
• No need of shaving the hair if it should be nessecary
• With less scabs
• Giving more density for the transplanted hair
(80-100 grafts each 1cm2)
• Healing process in the short time


The newest technology in hair transplant. We take the grafts from
the back of the head (donor area) manually by the medical forceps.
This tool is a pen with different sizes for the necessary roots which
will be used by the specialist doctor. By using this tool the grafts will
be not damaged and the healing of the donor area is quicker as by
using the micro motor.

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